I am an Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Department at Virginia Tech, where I lead the Natural Language Processing Lab. At VT CS, I'm also a member of the Sanghani Center for Artificial Intelligence and Discovery Analytics.

Prior to VT, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from UIUC where I worked with Heng Ji. I have also worked at Singapore Management University, Microsoft Rsearch Asia, IBM Watson Research, and Allen Institute AI (AI2). I am a recipient of the 2019 AI2 Fellowship and the 2021 Amazon Research Award.

My primary research interests are in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I'm interested in building efficient models and benchmarks that can encourage machines to perform human-level intelligence. My current research interests include:

  • Extracting structured knowledge with limited supervision: information extraction with (weak) supervision, automatic schema induction, knowledge-enpowered information extraction, few/zero shot learning
  • Multimodal reasoning, especially multimodal script induction, generation and inference
  • Natural language understanding and reasoning by leveraging external knowledge and commonsense
  • Natural language generation
  • Representation learning: domain adaptation, cross-lingual transfer, multi-modality learning

I'm looking for highly motivated students to work with me on broad NLP research.

News and Highlights

  • (6/21/22): Very excited to receive a new grant from Meta AI. Thanks Meta!

  • (4/7/22): One paper accepted by NAACL'2022.

  • (3/31/22): Talk at UNC Greensboro CS Colloquium.

  • (3/30/22): Our work on Commonsense Prompting for Future Event Generation is accepted by SIGIR'2022.

  • (3/22/22): Welcome Ying Shen to join our lab!

  • (3/8/22) : Our SimBot team is featured on the VT News today!

  • (2/24/22): Two papers are accepted by ACL'2022. Congrats to Sijia and Zhe.

  • (2/22/22): Talk at STR about our new Query-and-Extract Event Extraction paradigm (new state of the art for event extraction!!).

  • (12/28/21): Congrats to Sijia and Zhiyang on receiving internship offers from Amazon AWS Research Lab (NYC) and Alexa AI.

  • (12/15/21): Will give a tutorial on New Frontiers of Information Extraction at NAACL'2022.

  • (12/10/21): Very excited to receive a new DARPA grant.

  • (12/1/21): One paper on multi-modal question answering accepted by AAAI'2022.

  • (11/15/21): Receiving a new grant from Amazon Alexa. Thanks Amazon!.

  • (10/15/21): Check our recent arXiv paper on a new state-of-the-art event extraction approach.

  • (10/15/21): One paper accepted by EMNLP'2021 main conference and one by the EANCS workshop of EMNLP'2021.

  • (05/30/21): Giving talks about Transferable and Scalable Event Extraction at Baidu and Data Intelligence Workshop

  • (05/05/21): One paper accepted by ACL'2021

  • (03/30/21): Will serve as an Area Chair of NLPCC'2021

  • (03/24/21): Receiving the Amazon Research Awards. Thanks Amazon!

  • (03/01/21): Will serve as an Area Chair for Application track of EMNLP'2021

  • (11/28/20): Very excited to start my new career at Virginia Tech

  • ...