About Me

I am now a final-year Ph.D. student in the Blender Lab, Computer Science Department, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, supervised by Prof. Heng Ji. Prior to that, I obtained an MS in Computer Science at the Peking University with the highest honor Pacesetter of Outstanding Students and National Scholarships in 2014, advised by Prof. Lian'en Huang and Xiaoming Li. I received the AI2 Fellowship in 2019.

My research mainly focuses on Natural Language Processing, especially information extraction and knowledge base completion. One of the main challenges of current IE is how to extend the traditional/predefined IE paradigm to a liberal, un-predefined, open and domain adaptive paradigm, which form the core of my current research - Liberal Information Extraction.

I'm also interested in building efficient models and benchmarks that can encourage machines to perform human-level intelligence, especially for downstream NLP tasks, such as machine reading comprehension, natural language generation, commonsense inference.

My PhD thesis committee includes Dr. Heng Ji, Dr. James A. Hendler, Dr. Mohammed J. Zaki, Dr. Ido Dagan and Dr. Kyunghyun Cho.

I will be on academia job market in 2019-2020.

What's New

  • (08/12/19): Our work on commonsense machine comprehension (Cosmos QA) is accepted by EMNLP'2019. See project page!

  • (07/09/19): Received the AI2 fellowship. Great thanks to AI2!

  • (06/19/19): Released the preprocessing scripts for ACE and ERE corpus.

  • (06/12/19): Our work on Paper Robot is accepted by ACL'2019.

  • (06/02/19): We released the code and resource for cross-lingual low resource name tagger.

  • (05/22/19): I finished another internship in the wonderful Mosaic team of AI2!

  • (09/17/2018): I finished my thesis proposal. Thanks to all my committee members!

  • ...